Frenk Rouschop (Sint Geertruid, 1960) received a thorough musical education. He started following his musical education at the famous music academy of ‘s-Gravenvoeren, (Belgium), at fourteen before being admitted to the Maastricht Conservatory. There, he initially followed the major trumpet and general musical education, (AMV), and from 1985 also the main subject of Hafabra Management.

Then he was under the encouragement of the eminence of Dutch wind music, Sef Pijpers, under whose inspirational accompaniment, he obtained his diploma in executive director Hafabra in 1990.

Meanwhile, he was already employed at various wind orchestras throughout the country.

Since then, with his regular orchestras, he regularly participates in the competitions of the various music federations and the World Music Competition. Various country titles and three WMC titles were awarded to him.

To broaden his musical horizons, Frenk studied a number of orchestral directors at the well-known symphonic conductor and pedagogue Jan Stulen. Currently he works at four wind orchestras and acts as a jury member at competitions.

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