“Music to me is experience, passion, emotion. Listen to a recordign of Maria Callas or a tango by Astor Pizzallo, and you’ll know what I mean. And what I feel…

But, there is more.

The mass and huge force of Mahlers Symphony der Tausend touches me as much as the stillness and simplicity of the slow part of the pianoconcert in G of Ravel.

The vitality and drive of the Skytische Suite by Prokofiev – especially the second part – grasps my throat every time.

The way the pianist, Glenn Gould aims for perfection in his approach to the music of Bach inspires me over and over.

These musical qualities and wells of inspiration are what possess me as a conductor. They meet inside of me and I use my body to try to hand them over to the musicians. They then manage to bring them over to the audience. Making music – conducting – to me is inseparable from energy: the more energy I put out, the more I receive in return.

A fascinating and addictive experience.”