*De Limburger / juli 2013 / Maurice Wiche / WMC 2013

Another conductor who never misses a WMC is Frenk Rouschop. The Sint Gertruider seems to have an eternal patent with his boyish look, but that changes as he handles the baton, driven, he makes clear dots, lines or swirling curls on the orchestra cloth. Rouschop seduced his musicians to devious colour blends, refined play and passionate melodies.

*De Limburger / october 2010 / Maurice Wiche / LBM-Bondsconcours Roermond

The hall falls silent as “Bellum et Pax” begins. Not exactly strange, fine soloists are present and the overall sound is mature and all the space is occupied. But, above all, conductor Frenk Rouschop is at work here, making the world behind the notes audible. “Funfair” is also an exciting ride at his hands, the beautiful middle part melodious and well played out.

*De Limburger / augustus 2009 / Maurice Wiche / WMC 2009

Without hesitation, the orchestra put on an excellent show. What would one expect with someone like Frenk Rouschop leading? Again, a conductor, who according to me, has it all together. He combines a clear stroke with adventure and finds the natural balance between control and force. A pleasure to watch this man at work and the hear what his lead produces.

*Limburgs Dagblad / october 2000 / Jos Frusch / LBM-Bondsconcours 2000 Heerlen

For the 2nd time during a Bonconcours’, Frenk Rouschop and his orchestra made sure everyone knew that they could make their music heard at concert division standards. The atmosphere was carried out in a controlled way and was hauntingly beautiful to listen to. The sound was perfect and spotless. A true celebration to listen to.

*Limburgs Dagblad / juli 1997 / Jef Brauers / WMC 1997

A driven Frenk Rouschop led the orchestra (in “Avalon” and “Diversions of a Bass Theme”), to a true explosion. Technical skill, flair and musicality went hand in hand. The dynamic approach led to a throat-groping thriller. Despite the sometimes firm sound from all aspects, there was clear play.

*Limburgs Dagblad /juli 1997 / Jos Frusch / WMC 1997

The orchestra from Boxtel brought the best music in the Rodahal on Saturday night. For the first time, the necessary work was more than just sound. Following the lead of Frenk Rouschop, the orchestra managed to have the polyphone contours heard, by not letting the many effects get the better of it.

*Vakblad St. Caecilia / januari 1997 / Cunéra van Lier / Nationale Kampioenschappen 1997

The complete communication between conductor and orchestra resulted in a perfectly tuned play with a constantly balanced tune. As well as during the fine passages, where the soloists were given all the space, the voluminous tutti-parts sounded transparent, every note was audible and was placed perfectly. Frenk Rouschop held the listeners captive by continuing to grant them various glimpses at the kaleidoscopic work. It fizzed, bubbled and snapped, the music came from the deepest of the fine musicians. Beautiful!